Friday, 22 July 2011

Go Green Bags

Green lifestyle is the norm of the day. Such has been the impact of the eco-revolution that consumer products and tastes have been revamped altogether. The fashion industry has been considerably affected by the green revolution, justifying the increasing obsession amongst Americans for Go Green Bags.

Go Green Bags are often made of non woven polypropylene plastic which makes them last longer. Designer bags will always be a rage but Go Green Bags are no less cool. Besides, these bags are now being designed by high-end designers, thus giving a big boost to the green revolution. Hollywood has welcomed with open arms the revolution in the form of Go Green Bags or eco bags.

Go Green Bags are not just green; they are available in multiple colors and can be easily folded to fit your purse. They are light-weight but strong enough to bear the load of your grocery shopping. Nowadays, reusable shopping bags are being manufactured from a variety of products like airline seats, hemp, rag, recycled juice-packs etc. The best thing about Go Green Bags is that it can be made out of anything- rag or waste and doesn’t cost a fortune as compared to exclusive designer lines.

Promotion of Go Green Bags has been on a roll and businesses are considering whether they can be distributed free throughout major retail chains. The only obstacle behind this is the minimal cost of plastic bags which is making businessmen think twice before giving the ‘green’ signal. At present, most retail chains recommend buyers to purchase reusable shopping bags at a nominal rate. Often, people are unwilling to spend extra for purchasing reusable shopping bags when free plastic bags are at hand. Offering free reusable shopping bags might be difficult at present, but growing public consciousness will surely help to ward off this little obstacle lying on the way to a green world.

Environment Friendly Bags

At the end of every grocery checkout counter and department store there are racks of Environment Friendly Bags available for purchase. Every store claims that by using these simple to use, reusable bags instead of the standard paper or plastic bags, you’ll be cutting back on the environmental damage that paper and plastic bags have on the Earth. While it is a popular claim that these reusable bags help the environment there is very little explanation given as to how these reusable shopping bags play a role in helping out the environment.

The first environmental benefit that Environment Friendly Bags have is the ability to reduce the amount of litter and landfill waste. Plastic and paper bags account for more than 20% of the amount of material that is in a landfill. These bags also count for a large portion of the litter and waste that is spread around the globe. Even if a bag claims to be biodegradable it still takes over 20 years to break down in a landfill. Reusable bags eliminate the massive amount of plastic bags that are used by shoppers and therefore reduce the amount of plastic bags that end up in landfills or left blowing around as environmental litter.

The second environmental benefit of using Environment Friendly Bags is a reduced amount of air pollution that is caused by the factories that manufacture paper or plastic bags. Factories emit a lot of smoke and pollutants into the air in order to meet the demand for the number of paper or plastic shopping bags that are needed. By reducing the amount of bags that are needed by consumers, the factories create less products which reduces the amount of air pollution in the air. Air pollution is also caused by recycling centers and landfills trying to burn the waste plastic and paper bags down so that they take up less room in the landfills.

Environment Friendly Bags eliminate the reliance upon paper and plastic bags which can have a major impact on the environment. By making the switch from paper or plastic shopping bags to reusable shopping bags, shoppers are able to play a role in eliminating some of the harmful damage that is being done to the environment. Through the use of reusable shopping bags shoppers are able to reduce the amount of air pollution and landfill waste that they unknowingly contribute to by using paper or plastic shopping bags.

Douglas Lober is an avid surfer and beach goer. After years of seeing plastic bags wash up on his home beach he started his company It is Doug’s goal to rid the Earth of single use paper and plastic bags once and for all.

Eco Shopping Bags

The human tendency to disregard nature in the process of furthering personal interests has caused a lot of damage to mother earth. The damage has been such that humanity now suffers, and consequently realizes that mother earth after all has to be taken care of if humanity wishes to enjoy her bounty.

The efforts to save mother earth from further damage have thus now intensified, and various measures supposed to promote everything green have been adopted. Fact however is these measures are not enough, much more measures are needed.

Thinking in a micro level has now become necessary, and so individuals cannot merely wait until the solutions provided by groups will find success in the effort to reestablish ecological balance once again. Individuals cannot just sit and wait, something has to be done. One way of effectively saving the earth from further damage is the use of eco shopping bags.

Eco shopping bags help save mother earth in two ways: One is through the use of the these shopping bags; the other one is through the beauty of these eco shopping bags. These bags are very useful, not only once but many times just like any other bag. You can actually use it again and again for they are made of materials that do not easily break, and change in quality. It still looks the same even after washings.

Because these shopping bags can be reused, trash is greatly reduced. One trash that can greatly destroy the ecosystem is the plastic bag. With the eco shopping bags, plastic bags are relegated to the background and are no longer used. This greatly reduces plastic bags and trash, and obviously something good is expected to happen to human existence. Ecology will most likely become balanced again.

Another benefit of eco shopping bags is their beauty that emanates from their sleek and classy designs and make. This beauty is remarkable because indeed the use of these bags is never a cause for embarrassment. As a matter of fact, it can very well enhance the beauty of their owners. This means that the alternative to plastic bags will be preferred to plastic bags, which greatly destroy mother earth. The beauty of these bags therefore increases the first mentioned benefit of these shopping bags.

Eco shopping bags truly are beautiful both from within and from without. If you wish to find these bags that perfectly fit your needs and taste, all you need to do is to virtually visit online stores that make available different kinds of eco shopping bags. These bags can very well satisfy your needs and taste, making your time and effort in visiting these websites all worth the trouble

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Eco Reusable Bags

If you thought reusable bags are way too boring, you are certainly missing something. The good news is, reusable bags are available in every imaginable shades and styles and are being generously endorsed by some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Earlier, the designs of eco bags were monotonous and thus found few supporters.

From consumer point of view, style has always ruled the roost. The greatest challenge for reusable bag manufacturers was to design stylish bags without hampering the eco-friendly quotient. Fortunately, eco bag brands have finally been successful in coming out with really cool designer bags. Another welcome news is that green bags are now being promoted by Hollywood stars as well as top fashion icons. In countries like Japan, the green bag of Anya Hindmarch with the tote, “I am not a Plastic Bag” had become a rage among fashionistas last year. This green designer bag is believed to have sold to a record million bags with the same tote!

With the style quotient high on its sleeve, Eco Reusable Bags can now voice its benefits with a much louder voice to reach greater sections of people. Durable, eco friendly, and cost effective, green bags form the best alternative to plastic as well as paper bags. Enhanced durability makes them ideal for carrying your daily grocery necessities without casting a blemish on your style quotient.

The use of Eco Reusable Bags should be promoted widely so as to increase its supporters from all corners of the world. This is essential to combat the threats arising out of the contamination of water bodies across the globe. Intensive studies suggest that thousands of sea animals die annually due to plastic consumption which they mistake for food. Plastic breaks down into smaller, more toxic petro polymers, which eventually contaminates water bodies and soil.

It is great to observe how people are embracing the Go Green concept and are voicing their support for it. The ultimate success of this eco revolution lies in nurturing a new lifestyle where every accessory used will be eco friendly. Trends keep changing but we have to ensure that the eco way of life doesn’t change.

Suzanne Macguire is an expert writer and environmental activist, promoting the use of green bags.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Recognizing environmentally friendly global issues is the result of a growing awareness of what humanity needs to do for the planet’s survival. This has forced major lines of eco friendly shopping bags to escalate in their purpose of developing new and inventive ways to improve on environmental care.

Going green is becoming second nature to shoppers all over the world, with recyclable shopping bags an excellent way to show support to the environment. There are eco friendly shoppers all over the world, with recyclable shopping bags an excellent way to show support to the cause. Even though eco bags are similar to the traditional ones – the environmental bags and green packaging are not only cost effective to the shopper but protects Earth the long run.

Some of the materials used for shopping bags are jute, mesh, canvas, cotton, or even patent leather – allowing the bag to be reused for long periods of time. But many companies are beginning to use the newer plastics, which are successful as they are completely recyclable – 100% polypropylene that is a non-woven material yet still feels and looks like material; another eco friendly plastic is 100% polyethylene and has no material feel at all; and the real greenies come into effect with a plastic eco bag made from 100% post consumer PET recycled water bottles.

Versatile and sturdy, the portable eco friendly shopping bags are being designed like a shopping bag with handles, a shoulder bag or as a backpack. For businesses and organizations that wish to use them as promotional advertising products, graphics and logos can easily be added by screen-printing or embroider work.

Customers carry the washable eco shopping bags over their shoulders, by hand or as a back pack when grocery shopping, carrying personal items when going for a walk, going to classes with extra supplies, camping out, or using it as a child’s carry all – basically considered a walking advertising billboard on legs.

The advantages of buying them also include their reusability, durability, wash ability, printability, and resourcefulness – in both plastic and fabric. Paper would work too if you would be able to use it again and again, depending on how careful you are with it.

But so far, fabric has usually been the most popular material chosen by the public followed by a close second with the newer “green plastics.” With this many choices and people shopping carefully for a shopping bag that protects the environment the most, online shopping is the only way to look for what you need.

You probably have in mind already whether plastic or fabric appeals to you more before you ever begin shopping. But with the newer products coming out all the time, it would not hurt to check them over and see what they have to offer that you have never heard of before.

If you like fabric, and the new “plastic fabric” is cheaper and has a few benefits above the fabric – reading the customer reviews is the best way to look deeper into it.

By doing a product comparison of eco friendly shopping bags, you can eliminate what you do not want from the beginning, like paper or non-recyclable bags.

Eco Friendly Bags

Each one of us follows fashion, be it man or woman, young or old. For people who are fashion conscious, the material of the product they purchase is equally important. The trend of eco friendly bags is spreading almost everywhere now-a-days, and more and more people are opting for it. It makes terrific fashion statement, and look chic and sexy. The great thing is that some of these bags are very affordable also.
Eco-friendly or reusable shopping bags are those, which can be reused several times and have great sustainability. Such bags are generally leak proof, eco conscious, convenient to carry, easy to store heavy or light stuff, etc. These are made up of bio-degradable cloths, such as organic cotton or canvas, woven synthetic fibers, jute, hemp and other recyclable fabrics. Reusable or reinvented bags serve multiple purposes and could be used at many occasions. They, not only look captivating, but are extremely durable and environment friendly. You can take it to work as well. You can get a logo, containing the company’s name you work for or the web site’s name and phone number printed on your bag.

In other cases, you can get beautiful pictures or may be your name imprinted on your favorite eco-friendly bag. Parents can buy it for their children and give them lunch in reusable bags. You can also keep your groceries in them, as they are sustainable and there is no fear of getting the bag broken. There are many stylish bags which are reusable and look much better than any of the plastic or paper disposable bags.
Not only the shopping centers, but many organizations, health experts etc are trying to promote the relevance of adopting these products in day to day’s use. The fashion industry is highly promoting the use of reusable bags as sustainable fashion.

There are so many eco friendly bags on websites. You just need to do little research and you will find yourself amidst of several options to choose from. Some of the types are mentioned below:-
*Organic Cotton Drawstring Bags
*Non Woven Bags
*Cotton Lunch Bag
*Designer Bags
*Large Jute Tote Bags
*Disposable Eco friendly carry bags
*Jute Bag with Handles
*Eco-Friendly Leather Ladies Hand Bag
*Biodegradable Bags
*Bamboo Evening Purses
*Traveling Bags
*Eco-Friendly clutches
*Eco-Luxury Handbags
*Hobo Bags
*Eco Denim Laptop Bags

Most of the shopping centers have these bags, however if you are searching for something more accessible then shopping online is the perfect idea. There are number of websites which sell them online and give good discounts. If you are buying it online, you can customize the bag you are looking for, according to your own style, the color you like, and the size you have in your mind. Hence, browse a good website to look into the variety of eco-friendly bags and you might be inspired to get some exciting eco-friendly bags for yourself. Especially when you have so many options to choose from and exciting discounts to attract you. So are you ready for environment-friendly shopping?

Eco Bags

Promotional eco friendly bags are the inexpensive gift of the moment. With many supermarkets and other shops either refusing to give away plastic bags or selling them to deter their customers from using plastic bags, reusable bags really come in useful. You can take advantage of this new eco friendly trend by offering your customers good quality reusable bags for Christmas this year. They will use them to do their Christmas shopping and continue using them well into the New Year. Each time they do, they could be looking at your logo and details. Following is a list of the most popular eco friendly bags available for printing your logo and details.

1. Cotton Shopper Bags: Of the reusable eco bags available, cotton bags are the least expensive. Although they are the cheapest, they can be printed in full colour and look spectacular when they are. Promotional gifts always look better when printed in full colour. Cotton bags are eco friendly because they are recyclable. They can be processed at the end of their practical life to be used again for the same or different purpose.

2. Non-woven Polypropylene Bags: These bags are both recyclable and biodegradable. They are able to decay naturally and harmlessly, helping to limit the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. Polypropylene bags are available in a large range of colours.

3. Jute Bags Jute bags are the most popular eco friendly bags. They are both biodegradable and manufactured from sustainable materials. This means that they are made from long term self sustainable materials farmed and sourced with very little or no damage to the environment.

Each of these popular eco bags are easily sourced from promotional gift suppliers that specialise in eco gifts.